Parent Testimonials

“We know our kids are forever changed by being able to attend FCA. To have a Sunday morning atmosphere every day of the week, there is no price tag that could be put on that. Not only are our children growing in their education but most importantly, they are growing in their spiritual walk, which again, is priceless.”

Jose and Kat Garza

“In just the short time that Aleena has attended Faith Christian Academy, we have noticed a tremendous change in not only her excitement towards her academics, but an ever increasing maturity that we know is from the environment she is in. It is an absolute joy to know that the environment that Aleena is in nurtures the things we are taught. I know as her parent that the decision we made for her was the right one, but when you ask her, she wouldn’t think of even going back to public school. FCA, through the hard work and dedication from our Pastors and the faculty, has given us as parents the comfort of knowing our child is in a safe and secure environment where the word is preached.” (2 Cor 9:8)

Nash and Deanna Godsey

“I have two daughters in FCA and since they have been coming to school, I have noticed a big change in them. The teachers take the time to get to know each child and learn their weaknesses academically and help them where they need help. My girls are doing awesome in school and are getting the education they need, but most importantly learning about God. My youngest daughter would change when coming back, every other weekend, from the other parent, which I know can be hard and confusing for a child to go back and forth. She would be withdrawn and not happy, however she is always happy now and doesn’t change in her attitude anymore. She also, displays more confidence which before she didn’t have. My oldest daughter would never talk to me or have conversations before coming to FCA, now she is definitely more talkative and more affectionate, which is a blessing. When I look at my girls I see a reflection of God in them. I have peace knowing that my children are safe and in a God centered environment with friends who have the same vision in fulfilling the plan of God in their lives. Thank you Pastors, teachers, and to all who impart into changing the lives of our children!!”

Sylvia Jackson

“It has been a stellar year for Michael at FCA, he has shown such a dramatic change in his attitude towards school, the word and church. He came out of the public school system where it was more of a “get them through” environment where they encouraged a “just get by” grading system which could have hurt him in the long run. Since starting at FCA we have seen a greater desire by him to complete his projects while also listening to his personal testimonies about what he has learned in class, what a blessing! He enjoys working alongside his classmates while appreciating the teachings from the entire FCA staff and having that 1on1 environment where he can be shown in depth how to find a solution to his questions or problems. His grades show his true potential and the real quality education FCA provides to each student.”

Adrian and Melissa Kesler

“Our family has been beyond blessed to be able to be a part of the FCA school and family.  This is our second year with FCA and have found that the level of academics and excellence far exceeds our expectations.  Although the school is only two years old, it is functioning as if it has been around for many, many years.  We attribute that to the spirit of excellence that our Pastors bring to our church, our school and the staff that they hire.   One of the main things that we appreciate the most is that our children are in a safe spiritual environment.  What they are learning at home and at church is the same sound instruction they receive at school.  In all the years of our children’s education we have never been at a place where we were extremely pleased and at peace in the area of academics, in their spiritual lives and in their social interactions until now.  We are so grateful to God for putting this vision in our Pastors heart and for their obedience to the Father to bring it to pass.  Thank you Pastors and FCA Staff for your commitment and love for our kids.  We love and appreciate you MORE!!”

Barbie Mendoza