Parent Testimonials

“We are truly thankful for FCA. We are thankful that God made a way for our son to be at FCA; it is something that does not have a price tag and we value the blessing of being a part of this vision. We are thankful for the FCA teachers, the staff, and our Pastors for providing and creating an atmosphere of excellence for our son to grow not only academically but most importantly spiritually.

We have seen the growth in our son since being at FCA and we will always be thankful for FCA for helping nurture his growth. It is a blessing to have him in an atmosphere with the same standards and beliefs as our Church. We have seen the fruit of what FCA provides for anyone that has their children at FCA in our other son as well. He is now a graduate of FCA and is able to handle the real world because of what was imparted into him at our school.

I don’t think we can ever say THANK YOU enough!”

David and Belinda Connally

“We have been so tremendously blessed by having our children enrolled in Faith Christian Academy. The expectations that are set before them at Kindergarten and up to High School have helped them push themselves to not only do better but believe that they can do better! We have four of our children enrolled and this fall adding our fifth and we couldn’t be more amazed at what God has done in their lives educationally and spiritually. FCA sets the standard. We are so grateful that Pastors obeyed God and opened this school for our children to experience a church setting every day of the week! There is no price you could place on what FCA has done for our family; we are eternally grateful.”

Jose and Kat Garza

“Faith Christian Academy has been such a blessing for our son both spiritually and academically. We have always seen a constant stream of change and development, always being challenged, and stretched to reach his full potential. We are thankful for the vision given to our Pastors for this school, thankful to be a part of the FCA family, and grateful for the staff and all they do to provide a consistent atmosphere and environment for our son.”

Nash and Deanna Godsey

“We are so thankful for the opportunity to be a part of FCA! It is a blessing to be able to send our children to a place that they get to hear the Word. That means so much to us! The teachers are wonderful and really care about the students. They give the children an opportunity to talk about what they learned at church and how it’s helping them. It’s truly a wonderful place. We are grateful to our Pastors for providing a safe atmosphere for our children to learn.”

Jacob and Brittany Gould

“We’re very proud and honored to be able to say that our son is a part of Faith Christian Academy. During his time at FCA, my wife and I have seen growth not only in his educational development, but also in the spiritual side as well. When you take into consideration the current atmosphere that is prevalent in modern-day educational institutions, it’s refreshing to see an environment that helps develop the character and spiritual side of a student and not be concerned only about his grades in academia. In FCA, not only is the high standard of a good education evident, but also the genuine care and concern of the teachers and staff. My wife and I are truly grateful to The Father, our Pastors and all of the FCA staff for such a wonderful institution that assists our son in becoming all that God has called him to be.”

Francisco and Barbie Mendoza

“Our family is very grateful for God putting the vision of FCA on our Pastors’ hearts. We are also thankful for our family to be able to be a part of that vision in building the next generation. We have seen our daughters grow even at a young age in many ways. Their love for God and others is beyond their years.

We greatly appreciate the time and devotion that the FCA teachers put into our children. The teachers are able to devote time with the students and help in areas that are needed to help them excel academically.

It is truly a blessing to have our girls in a safe school environment. They are in a school that the teachers and other students are being taught the same spiritual teachings and have the same standard of excellence. We have seen our children grow academically and spiritually at a faster pace than we could have ever imagined that they would for their ages.

We continue to look forward to the amazing things that God is doing in our children’s educational experience both academically and spiritually at FCA.”

James and April Zombola